Master Richard D. Hoehn & Sheila Rochefort-Hoehn

Master Richard & Sheila Hoehn’s martial arts school teaches more than just combat sport –

A healthy heart and mind are essentials for a good life. Having a mentally strong mind only comes into play when a person's physical state is in good condition. Martial arts has become a preferred form of personal growth and exercise for both children and adults. Such a trend is being followed specially in schools where children are taught martial arts to keep their mind and body in peek condition.

Keeping in mind the good physical and mental health that parents want their children to be in, Richard and Sheila Hoehn have created a school that emphasizes both. They started their martial art school in 1998 and have taught thousands of kids and adults from all over the world. Master Richard Hoehn has been associated with the combat sports since his childhood and has trained and taught internationally. He is a National Champion in Tae Kwon Do in Sparring, Forms, AND Board Breaking and is the only American to complete the 100 Man Sparring and Grappling Challenge based on Mas Oyama's Kumite Challenge. Master Hoehn got his start in the martial arts from his father who owned his own school and received his training in Bangkok and Thailand, where martial arts is part of their tradition and culture. Mrs. Sheila Rochefort-Hoehn has been practicing martial arts for over 25 years and has special training from Korea, Japan, and Israel. When creating AMA, the main objective for the Hoehns was to create a school that taught martial arts as a means for others to experience personal growth and to gain inner peace. The Hoehns are advocates of community involvement and community building; the empowerment of girls and women in their communities; and greater education for all. Both Master and Mrs. Hoehn have psychology degrees. In addition, Mrs. Hoehn has a Master's Degree in Mental Health, A Master's Degree in Family Therapy, a Professional Degree in Editing and Publishing and is currently a Doctoral Student with Post Grad work at Harvard University and Hebrew U in Israel. Adventure Martial Arts is truly a unique school with much more to offer than the average martial art school!