Social and Environmental Impact

Adventure Martial Arts and The Zen Life Center strive to make quantifiable differences in both our social and environmental impact. In 2015 here are a few things we were able to:

1. Provide $10,245 in martial art and fitness grants to impoverished individuals and families.

2. Provide $1,501.98 worth of martial art and fitness equipment to impoverished individuals and families.

3. Provide 3 Environment Service days in our Summer Camp.

4. Provide 2 free seminars to local libraries.

5. Provide 6 free seminars to public schools.

6. Provide 20 hours of volunteer work for nonprofit organizations.

7. Provide free or discounted training to our employees.

In 2016, We hope to provide at least:

1. $10,500 in grants to impoverished individuals and families--with an emphasis on kids, girls and women.

2. $2000 in gear to impoverished children, girls, and women.

3. at least 3 environmental service days in our summer camp and at least 3 in our After-School Program.

4. at least 10 free seminars to the public

5. at least 20 hours of service to nonprofit organizations

6. free training to all of our staff

7. free leadership, business, wellness, and business training to our staff. In addition, we plan to become a Benefit Corporation and be B Corp Certified. 8.